How we work with SELLERS

Thinking About Selling?

  • We will meet with you at your property and make recommendations for getting your home in the best showing condition before it goes on the market
  • We will research the prices of comparable properties and prepare a detailed market analysis to help you understand the current value of your home
  • We will educate you about the costs involved in selling your home

Preparing Your Property for Sale

  • We will obtain contractor bids for you such as hardwood floor refinishing, carpet cleaning, window washing, painting, cleaning, gardening and staging. Many of our clients do not live in their homes (or even in San Francisco) while their property is being prepped for sale. We are happy to manage the home prep process for you from start to finish. Here are many examples!
  • We will schedule and attend all pre-sale property inspections, to ensure there are no costly surprises that come up during the sales transaction
  • We will order the required disclosure reports and compile a comprehensive disclosure package for buyers to review, sign and submit along with their purchase offers
  • We will walk you through all required Seller disclosures 
  • We will provide high quality marketing materials at no expense to you including professional photographs and a high-end property website
  • We will monitor comparable properties on an ongoing basis and discuss them with you to help determine the best pricing strategy before your property goes onto the market

Going onto the Market

  • We will launch a thorough marketing campaign including:
    • MLS and property website launch
    • Internet marketing blast
    • Property announcement email sent to thousands of San Francisco Realtors
    • Social media marketing including Facebook ads and Instagram posts
  • We will put together a thorough open house schedule and provide you with immediate feedback after every showing
    • Tuesday broker’s tour
    • Weekend open houses
    • By appointment showings during the week
  • We will closely monitor buyer/agent interest level in order to determine the best time to start accepting offers

Reviewing and Accepting Offers

  • We will screen the offer(s) for you
    • Calling lenders to verify buyers’ financing
    • Tightening up terms/conditions with buyers’ agents before reviewing the
      offers with you
  • We will review your offers  make recommendations on how to respond
  • We employ an excellent transaction coordinator to  manage all the paperwork involved

Managing the Escrow Process through Closing

  • We will closely monitor contingency dates and maintain frequent communications with you, the buyer’s agent, the lender and the escrow officer to keep the deal on track
  • We will coordinate the signing of all your escrow documents (you can usually sign remotely with a notary)
  • We will coordinate a final walk through and key exchange with buyer at close of escrow